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Disturbing Lack Of Emos In New First Year Class

Teachers at a County Kildare secondary school are today expressing their concern with the lack of emo children in t...

Nation Outraged As Cows Shot Six Months Before They Were Due To Be Slaughtered

The Irish people are outraged following the army's murder of five cows just six months before they were due to be s...

US News

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Channel 4 To Examine Iraq War Atrocities In “Life Stripped Blair”

British broadcaster Channel 4 is set to discuss the unnecessary slaughter of millions of Iraqi citizens in a one-of...

Oscar Pistorious Wishing He Had Just Been Investigated By The FBI

Oscar Pistorious is today wishing that he had just been investigated by the FBI team responsible for looking into H...


Baby Finger Of iPhone User Finally Caves In

An iPhone user is today recuperating in Tallaght Hospital after his little finger finally caved under the weight of...

Angels Want You To Like And Share Medium’s Facebook Page

After more than 2000 years of silence, God has this afternoon commissioned another series of divine revelations in...


Owner Of The Barge Beginning To Regret Buying That Second House

The owner of the Barge bar is this afternoon starting to regret buying that second house. Over the past two weeks,...

McDonald’s To Trial All-You-Should-Eat Fries

Just days after detailing plans to trial all-you-can-eat fries in selected restaurants, fast-food giant McDonald's...

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