Baby Finger Of iPhone User Finally Caves In

Baby Finger Of iPhone User Finally Caves In

An iPhone user is today recuperating in Tallaght Hospital after his little finger finally caved under the weight of his mobile pornography streaming device.

Thomas O’Neil, who has an address at wherever there is a new Pokémon, was sending a text message to a loved one when his pinky finally gave way after almost a decade of supporting various generations of iPhones.

Unable to hold his phone long enough to google his problem, O’Neil had to rely on the support of a kindly stranger’s bab finger to call an ambulance

After being brought to hospital, he underwent an intense eight hour surgery, during which doctors removed his little toe and used it to replace the damaged finger.

The initial plan was to just insert a small screw inside the patient’s pinky, but after the Tallaght surgeon accidentally amputated his toe, they figured they might as well go for it.

Doctors have advised Thomas O’Neil to stay away from his iPhone until his new toe-finger heels up.

Calls to O’Neil were returned immediately.



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