“Beheading Challenge” Fails to Take Off

“Beheading Challenge” Fails to Take Off

As the the Ice Chaljames-foley_3011612blenge currently consumes the planet and continues to make polar bears cry, a new “Challenge” has emerged, satIrish Press can confirm. Known as the Beheading Challenge, it involves the removal of the head from the rest of the body usually performed with a machete or a very large plunger. The Challenge is trying to raise money for little-known charity, People Who Usually Bite Their Lips Leaving a Rather Nasty Scar or PWUBTLLRNS. The pioneer in this brave new Challenge was none-other than US journalist, James Foley. However, following Foley’s undertaking of the challenge, the whole thing has failed to take off, satIrish Press can report.

We spoke to the PWUBTLLRNS founder Lips Murphy for his view on the failed viral challenge:

“Well all of us here at PWUBTLLRNS are utterly shocked at the failure of the Beheading Challenge. We expected it to be a viral sensation with men, women and children chopping their heads off for our cause, however, Mr. Foley remains the only participant. The whole challenge has received almost zero attention from the media.”

The Beheading Challenge Facebook page remains at 2 likes, which is Lips Murphy himself and Lips Murphy’s second account that he uses for Farmville. He furthered our conversation by talking about James Foley himself.

“James was a hell of a character. Did I know him well? No not at all. In fact, I didn’t even know he was partaking in the challenge until I saw the video on the internet myself. What a brave man, risking his life for the good of our cause.”

satIrish Press informed Mr. Murphy that Foley’s Beheading Challenge video had been picked by the mainstream media, however in the guise that he was murdered by Islamic Extremists. Mr. Murphy had this to say:

“Oh splendid! So people do know about, even though they all think that he was murdered. Well publicity is publicity, I better post it on the old Facebook page and commend James on his success!”

As Mr. Murphy left the satIrish offices, the last we saw of him was getting bundled into the back of black van by men in suits just down on the street.

satIrish Press can confirm that Mr. Murphy is off to a surprise party of somekind.



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