British Millennials Continue To Blame Elderly Voters For Ruining Their Future

British Millennials Continue To Blame Elderly Voters For Ruining Their Future

Days after Britain voted to leave the European Union, thousands of UK millennials are blaming the elderly voters – many of whom are World War Two veterans – for ruining their future.

While the majority of young people in the United Kingdom voted to remain, it was the old vote which pushed the Leave side to victory.

“They’re just bigots,” said one college student earlier today, blaming the elderly and not the shitty politicians who misled them. “Nobody over ninety should be allowed to vote in the UK. What have they ever done for us?”

Added the student: “They have single-handedly started World War Three.”

Another twenty-something-year-old suggested a second referendum in which nobody on the Leave side would be allowed to vote, ensuring the British people democratically vote to remain in the European Union.

Meanwhile, dozens of Remain voters have been gathering outside Boris Johnson’s home to hurl abuse at him and his family for inciting hatred.

Similar protests have been held outside nursing homes, with many millennials visiting their grandparents for the first time in years just so they can admonish them for voting Leave.

One veteran of World War Two reminded the protestors that he fought to stop Hitler.

This did little to impress the politically minded British youth, who believe they could have defeated the Nazis more efficiently with an online petition.



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