Facebook Celebrity Achieves Dream Of Being Paid To Advertise Products He Doesn’t Use

Facebook Celebrity Achieves Dream Of Being Paid To Advertise Products He Doesn’t Use

A Facebook celebrity is this evening celebrating achieving his life long goal of being paid to advertise products he doesn’t use.

Karl Reilly rose to prominence late last year when he posted a twenty second video of himself wearing a wig and pretending to be his own girlfriend.

Reilly was immediately branded as one to watch and a welcome change to the integrity and cleverness of other comedy pages on Facebook.

Since that day, Karl Reilly has posted over one thousand videos of him doing pretty much the same thing except tweaked very slightly for whatever is going on in the world at the time.

All the while, he was working towards his ultimate goal of somebody giving him money to promote their shitty product despite the face he has never used it a day in his life.

Early this morning, Reilly finally received the call he had been waiting for.

Macarro Grill, Reilly’s local chipper, offered him €35 and any large pizza of his choosing if he agreed to promote their brand by including a mention of it in one of his videos.

The company pitch in Reilly’s latest video was absolutely seamless.

In the video, entitled “When bae forgets to have lunch”, Reilly plays his girlfriend, who forgot to have lunch. The camera then cuts to Reilly, this time playing himself, who suggests they order a pizza from Macarro Grill.

The video received half a million likes in the space of three hours.

It is unclear what product Kevin Reilly will advertise next despite the fact he isn’t familiar with it, but sources suggest it may be an original idea.



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