Hilarious Irish Flag Suggests Peace Between North And South

Hilarious Irish Flag Suggests Peace Between North And South

Two fans in Paris for the 2016 European Championships are being hailed as legends for their hilarious Irish flag, which suggests there might one day be peace between the North and the South.

Many Irish fans travelling to France for the Euros have created their own mock Irish flags, most of which bear a Father Ted or Enda Kenny quote.

This Irish flag, designed by brothers Mark and Darrell Maloney, has been described as the funniest flag of the tournament.

The flag is made up of three colours; including green, to symbolise the Republic of Ireland, and orange, to symbolise Northern Ireland.

The green and orange are separated by a patch of white, to represent peace between the two sides.

The white, of course, is in stark contrast to the sectarianism and socio-economic differences which have separated the green and orange for hundreds of years.

The idea of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland ever being on the same page is so comical that supporters of the two teams came together this morning to have a good laugh about it.

Meanwhile, a group of English fans have achieved viral fame after creating a flag which pushes for peace between England and Russia.

They plan to use the flag to suffocate a Russian supporter.



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