International Women’s Day – Lady Olympiad

International Women’s Day – Lady Olympiad

In celebration of International Women’s Day today Edenderry Town Festival Association will be holding their first annual ‘Lady Olympiad’.

The festivities start off with the participant’s parade. The parade will involve all competitors walking through the main street of the town wearing a nice floral skirt hanging to just over the ankle and a sensible blouse covered by a nice coat with a decorative broach. Head scarves are optional but advised due to the bad weather forecast.

Some of the events that are expected to draw the largest attendance figures are the Speed Ironing Contest, Extreme Dishwashing, Scone Baking and The Sandwich Making Pentathlon.

The greatest competition is expected in the Nappy Changing Competition. This competition sees some of the world’s finest Nappy changers challenge each other for the first time. Debbie Babenheimer, the current and five time US Diaper Changing champion is going head to head with mother of eight Tricia Sullivan, the Irish and European champion. This is the first time that these Heavyweights have been in the same competition and it is expected to be a contest that defines the entire Olympiad.

During the day refreshments will be available in the Tea and Sandwiches Tent, the local ICA will be managing this operation.

The closing ceremony is expected to be very enjoyable, with main sponsors WKD offering complimentary Blue WKD to attendees. Men are strictly prohibited from attending the event with the exception of male blow up dolls and the entertainers, Boyzone.

Local Gardaí have warned that traffic in the area is expected to be chaotic, not only due to the volume but also the standard of driving that will be on display.



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