Interviewer To Trump: ‘Who Hurt You?’

Interviewer To Trump: ‘Who Hurt You?’

With just two months left before the Republican National Convention, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer has asked GOP frontrunner Donald Trump the question the world has been asking since the beginning of his presidential campaign: Who hurt you?

Blitzer posed the question while Trump was in the middle of one of his trademark racist, misinformed rants.

“Stop. Stop, stop, stop,” said Blitzer just as his guest was about to blame the Mexicans for Beyoncé’s marital woes. “Who hurt you, Donald?”

Trump, showing that, deep down, he's just a frightened little boy.
Donald, showing that, deep down, he’s just a frightened little boy.

Said Blitzer a second time, “Who hurt you?”

Though the billionaire originally swore he didn’t know what Wolf Blizter was talking about, he eventually broke down in tears live on air.

Opening up for the first time in his life, Donald Trump cited his workaholic, emotionally distant father as the reason he struggles to show his softer side and declared his mother’s affair with the family gardener to be the source of his disdain for the people of Mexico.

“He wasn’t even that Mexican,” sobbed The Donald, “he was just poor.”

Added the presidential candidate, “Boo-hoo-hoo.”

Those who saw the interview live say it was the most Donald Trump has whined since losing last month’s Wisconsin primary.

When asked by Blitzer why he has not confided in anybody or sought help for his daddy issues, Trump replied that it was just easier to build a wall around himself.



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