Irish man looking forward to retraining racism on “actual foreigners”

Irish man looking forward to retraining racism on “actual foreigners”

While many are ruing the close of the summer and the impending autumn months, there are some citizens of the country that are looking forward to the familiar browning of the leaves and return to the status quo.

One man in particular, Alan Kearney (42), is welcoming the change of season. This is largely due to the departure of exchange students back to their country of origin, having spent the summer increasing their knowledge of our culture and tolerance of people in different countries. We asked questioned Alan on this unusual viewpoint.

Well look, I’m not a racist now at all but I just didn’t know what to make of those Spanish and Italian lads! I mean at least with the Polish lads and other proper foreigners, you can have a laugh with them about stealing our jobs and drinking vodka and that. They wouldn’t have much of a sense of humour really, but that’s what and those lads are like, at least you know where ya stand!

When asked to elaborate on what “proper foreigners” meant, Alan continued:

You know yourself like, the Eastern European lads. They’d be different from your French and German lads ‘cause they are mainly tourists and that, I reckon. You can tell the difference between them! There’s nothing worse than people that just arrive into another country and start taking jobs left, right and centre. My cousin had to go over to Australia and get a job ‘cause of all the foreign lads that came here!

We ended the interview with a final question, to which Mr. Kearney responded

Of course I’ve heard of irony, why?!



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