Channel 4 To Examine Iraq War Atrocities In “Life Stripped Blair”

Channel 4 To Examine Iraq War Atrocities In “Life Stripped Blair”

British broadcaster Channel 4 is set to discuss the unnecessary slaughter of millions of Iraqi citizens in a one-off special entitled “Life Stripped Blair”.

The announcement comes after former British Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted he based his decision to invade Iraq on incorrect information.

“In hindsight, I really should have done more research,” Blair conceded in a press conference this afternoon. “But it was a very convincing Wikipedia page.”

Blair is now drawing criticism from the entire British public. The liberals are incensed that their leader contributed to the needless death of hundreds upon thousands, while the conservatives are outraged that he caused Iraqis to emigrate and seek refuge in the United Kingdom.

“Life Stripped Blair” will examine how families affected by the war have managed to put their lives back together. It will also follow Blair as he attempts to right his past misdeeds in order to enter paradise.

However, Blair eventually discovers that he destroyed paradise, along with multiple other countries, over a decade ago.

The former Prime Minister has said he believes “Life Stripped Blair” will be a major success, but he has been wrong before.



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