NFL Draft: WorkBot3458 Impresses at Pro Day

NFL Draft: WorkBot3458 Impresses at Pro Day



– Strong Arm
– Good presence in the pocket
– High I.Q.
– Quick Release

– Completely Immobile
– Has to be carried on and off the field by teammates
– May kill receivers
– Can often overthrow the ball by literal Miles


It has really been a whirlwind season for WorkBot3458. At the start of the 2013 College football season he was a little known assembly line worker at a local automotive manufacturer. However after injury to the Michigan IT star quarterback Tyson Splashlog he was convinced to go down to the open try outs by his father WorkBot3457. WorkBot3458’s father had a short lived career in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers which ended in disaster after he threw a ball so hard at receiver Myles Catchings that it punctured a hole right through his chest.

WorkBot3458 performed so well at the open trials that the college gave him a full scholarship and named him their new starting QB. He led the “Motorheads” to an 11-5 season record with 3,978 passing yards and 27 touchdowns, earning himself the nickname “The Machine”. More worrying though were the NCAA record 75 sacks he took and 39 interceptions he threw as he struggled to evade the defense.

In spite of his obvious flaws some team will have to take a shot on the upside of having a quarterback capable of making all the throws on the field. As of right now we have WorkBot3458 projected as a late round pick going to the one team known for taking gutsy risks on players, the Oakland Raiders.



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