Night Out To Push Friendship To Its Limits

Night Out To Push Friendship To Its Limits

A group of Dublin friends are looking forward to having their bond pushed to its limits when they visit a local nightclub this evening.

The group, consisting of four rich white girls and a token gay guy, will meet for pre-drinks in Kellie’s house before leaving for the club.

There will be confusion right off the bat as there are three Kellie’s in the group.

It is expected that at least one of the girls will drink way too much vodka and Ribena before leaving the house and subsequently be denied entrance into the nightclub.

This will lead to much drama and one of the girls reluctantly bringing her for a bag of chips in an attempt to sober her up.

While this is going on, one Kellie is scheduled to shift the guy one of the other Kellies was texting.

The dispute will likely be brought before the gay friend. The wise queen will then order the lad be cut in half and split between both girls.

The group will strengthen their bond tomorrow morning through a team building exercise when they combine their individual memories in an attempt to figure out what happened.



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Terry Norman is a comedian.

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