Realistic Football Fan Paints House Like Spanish Flag

Realistic Football Fan Paints House Like Spanish Flag

Noted realist and football fan Simon O’Hare has this evening finished painting his house red and yellow, the colours of the Spanish flag.

With the 2016 European Championships just around the corner, many diehard Ireland fans have painted their houses green, white, and orange in an attempt to show their support of the Irish squad.

Simon O’Hare, however, is going the safer route when it comes to decorating his home for the Euros.

“Yeah, I just want to be on the side that wins for once,” said O’Hare earlier today. “I mean, last time I painted my house the colours of the Irish flag we re-elected Enda Kenny. That’s what I get for having faith in this country.”

O’Hare is this time thinking ahead, and can’t wait to laugh at the “pathetic optimists” as they scramble to paint their house one colour after Ireland’s inevitable first round knockout.

Those repainting their houses after Ireland’s elimination from the tournament could hire professionals to do the job, but they will have to wait for the team to get back from the Euros and return to their day jobs.

Mr. O’Hare does not plan to remove the red and yellow paint from his house after the Euros, as he figures Spain are good at most things.

However, he may repaint his house white with a red dot in the centre after World War Three breaks out.



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