Guy Just Wearing Safety Pin So He Has Something To Stab Foreigners With

Guy Just Wearing Safety Pin So He Has Something To Stab Foreigners With

A thirty-eight-year-old British man has admitted to only wearing a safety pin so he has something to stab foreigners with should he see one in the street.

The man, identified only as “Gary from Manchester”, decided to speak out about the meaning of his safety pin after being mistaken for a friend to those who have been experiencing racism in post-Brexit Britain.

“Yeah, it’s really annoying innit?” said Gary earlier today, speaking in a video he recorded using the webcam on his mother’s Toshiba laptop.

“Like, I keep having Pakies and Muslims and shit coming up to me because they think I’m their mate. Just because some people are wearing safety pins to show their solidarity with ye doesn’t mean we all are.”

Gary went on to say that he actually wears the safety pin because he needs something which is easily accessible should he ever have to stab his way out a tight situation; i.e. standing next to an Indian girl on the tube.

The Manchester native would use his switchblade, but it was confiscated by Old Trafford security earlier this year.

It seems Gary is not the only person to be using a safety pin to intimidate asylum seekers in the United Kingdom. Since last week’s Brexit vote, reports of racially motivated slight jabbings have increased nearly 200%.

Gary from Manchester had been hoping to attend this year’s European Championships, but was unable to as he is currently under probation. This was particularly disappointing for him, as he had been looking forward to “having a go at some of those French foreigners”.



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