Search For Missing Plane – New Strategy

Search For Missing Plane – New Strategy

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared early Saturday and there is still no clues in the case of the missing plane.

At 9am Mass this morning in Ballyhaise, Co. Cavan, Fr. Padraig Flannery asked his congregation of twenty one to join him in a prayer to St. Anthony to help find the missing Boeing 777-200ER. He printed fifty copies of the prayer on A4 paper. It is believed that the foggy conditions around Ballyhaise this morning had an impact on the amount of attendees at Mass. Some of the parishioners were happy to bring the prayer to pious neighbours and family.

When asked about the overprinting Fr. Flannery answered

”Well we would normally have a few more at the Mass, but the fog this morning probably stopped a few of the girls from getting into their Micras. I also printed a few extra as an event like a missing or crashed plane will normally bring out a few fine-weather mass goers. I don’t think I’ve overshot the runway on this amount of printing, no pun intended”.

One of the parishioners went home after the sermon and put the word out on social media site Facebook. Due to the overwhelming amount of likes and shares she took down the post stating that her ESB bill would be through the roof with all the notifications. She then contacted the offices of the satIrish Press in an attempt to get the word out.

The prayer goes as follows ;

St. Anthony, St. Anthony, Please come around,

A Plane has been lost and cannot be found.

The people of Ballyhaise have asked that you share this prayer in an attempt to help the people of Malaysia.



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