Minute Of Doing The Plank Enters Eight Hour

Minute Of Doing The Plank Enters Eight Hour

One minute of doing the plank has this afternoon entered into what feels like its eight hour.

Lad and student at some institute of technology (probably) Darragh Fizsimmon decided to stop mid-workout and do the plank in order to give himself a break from the drinking protein, sending Snapchats, and occasional weightlifting which his exercise routine usually involves.

Though he intended only to do the plank for sixty seconds, Fitzsimmon is positive he has been holding himself in the position for well over seven hours.

“This is hell,” Fitzsimmon grumbled to himself before checking the time on the green plastic watch he bought for whatever shitty festival he last attended. To his horror, Fitzsimmon found that he had not even scratched the surface of his time doing the plank.

While he is certain he has gone over the time he allotted for planking by seven hours and forty-eight seconds, the LAD Bible enthusiast is forcing himself to continue as he needs to work off his latest Nando’s.



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