Tinder loving care

Tinder loving care

There was a time when I had to go to a bar to mess with a man’s head (I mean the one on his shoulders) but thanks to the internet we now have a speed dating app called Tinder – and I love it! To read more about why I started, click here.

What I do is this – weed out the hotties from the notties and then the fun begins so for all those guys that I’ve been teasing, don’t worry, at least you have a pretty face! 🙂

Some of these conversations are witty and funny, others make worry about the future of the world. You can see what I mean in the screenshots below!


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About The Author

Born in 1988, Paddy IrishGirl has had a natural talent for banter. She had a proven mentality of a 40-something year old at the age of 3 and a sense of humour so dry it would rival her husbands attempt of cooked chicken. Paddy IrishGirl has been rated as "The Funniest Comedian this side of the Atlantic"* and "The new Joan Rivers, without the horribly disfigured face of a trolls scrotum"* She spends her days devoting herself to her two kids, Broken Condom & The Forgotten Pill. *all quotes are from reliable sources and totally not made up by the author herself.

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