Trump Unsure Why Harvey Price Can Call People ‘Cunts’ But He Can’t

Trump Unsure Why Harvey Price Can Call People ‘Cunts’ But He Can’t

Presumptive GOP candidate Donald Trump is today trying to figure out why Katie Price’s son Harvey is allowed to call people ‘cunts’ on live TV but he isn’t.

“I don’t get it,” Trump moaned to his exasperated PR team early this morning. “I call people ‘cunts’ all the time and they say I’m sexist. This kid does it and it’s adorable.”

What Trump did not take into account is the fact that Harvey Price suffers from a rare condition known as ‘Prader-Willi syndrome’.

Donald Trump, ready for his next interview.
Donald Trump, ready for his next interview.

On top of this, Harvey was addressing the bullies he has encountered due to his disability while Trump usually is the bully.

In a petty attempt to bring down Harvey Price, Donald Trump has commissioned a series of advertisements in which he mercilessly bashes the thirteen-year-old.

Unfortunately for Trump, he has been unable to gather any dirt on the boy other than the fact his mother is Katie Price.

The presidential hopeful has also booked an appearance on “Loose Women”, the show Price appeared on yesterday afternoon.

Those close to Trump say he plans to call everybody in the audience ‘cunts’ before accusing them of being hypocrites and storming out, a formula we have seen in many of his recent interviews.

While most people have been infuriated by Trump’s use of such arguably misogynistic language, there are those who applaud him for his behaviour.

Some Trump supporters believe he should be allowed to use the word ‘cunt’ as much as he wants, because he’s probably disabled too.



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