UFC Purchased By 22 Dublin Bus Drivers

UFC Purchased By 22 Dublin Bus Drivers

Fans of mixed martial arts were stunned today to discover that UFC, the world’s premier MMA organisation, has been sold to a group of drivers from Dublin Bus.

The news comes a little over a week after 22 Dublin Bus employees won the Euromillions jackpot. The team, wanting to make a wise investment, clubbed their money together and bought the UFC from Dana White for a little over €20 million.

Friends of the bus drivers are not surprised by the purchase, as it was suspected they would miss seeing people beating the shit out of each other after they retired from Dublin transport.

What is surprising, however, is Dana White’s decision to sell the company for several billion euros less than what it’s worth. Those close to White say he is just happy to get out of the fight business and not have to deal with Conor McGregor any more.

The new owners of UFC have already announced the company’s next pay-per-view: UFC 200-b.

The main event will see Brock Lesnar taking on a Dublin Bus junkie named “Damo”, who will be fighting out of “His da’s gaff”.

UFC 200-b is scheduled for the 10th of August, though it will likely be a couple of days late.



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